The Mission

At NX UTILITIES our vision is to provide the highest levels of service to our partners. We are driven by the belief that strong core values support and provide direction for the most valuable assets of any organization, our employees and internal partners.

I. Technical Training. We understand that the most significant challenge in the industry today is the need for highly trained technical personnel. To meet the rapidly expanding need market for these technicians, we utilize a vigorous training schedule for new technical personnel and continual training for all technical and management staff.

II. Product Delivery. We strive to maintain a keen focus on Quality and Value in the products and services provided to our partners. Driven by a “DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME” mentality, NX demands the highest levels of excellence from our employees , and passes that commitment on to our partners. Our Training Programs give the technicians the “righttools” for the job and our Quality Assurance Programs monitored by a high percentage of field inspections (quality checks and job site safety
observations) and a thorough electronic review of submittal documents, ensure that those tools are being utilized correctly and efficiently .

III. Account Management. We believe that a culture of accountability must derive from top of an organizational structure and be fostered through all levels of the team to the front line employees. Our account Managers are dedicated to individual customers, allowing the project teams to be fully focused on each partner’s needs. Every project no matter the size and scope is the most important customer to the respective project team that is assigned to that account, ensuring that when you pick up the phone, our manager is there fully focused our your needs.